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— Our Mission:
To achieve performance through Advanced Automation Technology by working with higher standard...

— Our Vision:
Delivering exceptional quality to get praises from each client and relentlessly maximize superiority in Industrial Automation Solutions...

Exclusive Role of M/s. Electro Dynamic Works In, Introducing Modern Electronic Techniques In the Industrial Field.

M/s. Electro Dynamic Works has own workshop and factory, where a large number of electrical and electronics machineries of Industrial category are manufactured and repaired. Hydraulic and pneumatic devices are also serviced and repaired by M/s. Electro Dynamic Works. Such workshop and factory are amongst very few in the country. We are having services of qualified and trained engineers / technicians in modern techniques of repaired and manufacturing. Most advance and precision equipment are used in manufacturing and repair works.
Computer aided designing of internal circuits and manufacturing of machinery is carried out. The method used at firms, workshops, and factories include testing and grading of all components to be used in manufacture and repair of the products. Because of these factors we give a free guarantee and technical support service including spares. All work till completion carried out by us.
The group activity is divided into the following main areas of business:

1. Drives
2. System & Solution for Industrial Automation
3. Home & Industry Appliances
4. Energy Saving
5. Digital Indicators & Controllers

Electro Dynamic Works has built strong partner relationships with major companies in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time for the client. We utilize these partnerships to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all competitors, which allow Electro Dynamic Works to make the proper decisions with our clients for their business advantage. In case of a failure in AC Drive / DC Drive and alternate help is provided to the customers so that his machine keeps running and the production does not stop till the defective unit is repaired.